Sure, Why Not?: Venetian Blind T-Shirts

July 7, 2008


The Venetian Blind t-shirt is a shirt that bares your beautifully tanned abs if you're a sexy woman or your pasty, hairy beergut if you're me. All with a simple pull of the string. Now I'm not sure if it goes all the way to the top or not, but it sucks pretty bad if it doesn't. Currently the shirt is only available in museum gift-shops, but fear not: it'll make its way to Spencer's and Hot Topic in no time. And if you ever catch me wearing one I want you to yank the string like you're playing tug-o-war. But not before wrapping it around my neck a few times.

Sexy Venetian Blind T-Shirt Bares Midriffs With the Pull of a String [gizmodo]

Thanks Keo, but I'm holding out for vertical blinds.

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