Steampunk Guitar Looks Good, Pointy

July 9, 2008


This is a steampunk guitar. It's functional. You may love it. Or you may hate it because you hate everything steampunk. Or you may hate it because your girlfriend cheated on you with a musician. Whatever the case, you either love it or hate it. Or just think it's okay. One of those three. Or, okay, maybe you're indifferent. But definitely one of four. Unless you love it sometimes, hate it others, and don't care the rest. Or if you, I dunno, wow I'm high. Cookie Crisp in chocolate milk for the win.

Hit the jump for another steampunkish guitar. And by "steampunkish" I mean it has a custom pick guard that looks like gears.


Extreme Urban Retro: 10 Creative Steampunk Designs, Modifications and Inventions [weburbanist]

Thanks, "WARNING: looking at guitar may cause erections lasting longer than 4 hours" Julian

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