Scary Crawling Robot Man Is Art, Statement

July 8, 2008

Apparently Japanese performance artist built this scary ass crawling robot to make a statement about the impending Asian economic crash. Something about how Japanese salarymen are really gonna be crawling along the sidewalk while people stand around and gawk. Honestly I have no idea, which is why I'm not an art critic. I stood in a museum staring at a bunch of squiggly lines for like ten minutes when this woman came up beside me and remaked to her partner, "This is a really profound statement about the technological innovations of the past half century." I turned to them and, confused, asked, "It's not a giant cooch?" Needless to say, the statement Momoyo is making with this robot is beyond me. If I had to guess though, it'd have less to do the plight of the Japanese salaryman because of an economic crash and more to do the plight of a Japanese salaryman with wonky legs whose wheelchair was stolen.

Crawling Businessman Robot Is a Critique On Japanese Salarymen

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