Rock-afire Explosion Band For Sale On eBay!

July 10, 2008


Well after yesterday's exciting Rock-afire Explosion post, a loyal tipster has notified me there's a set for sale on eBay. And it's only $14,000!

Showbiz Pizza Rock-afire Explosion Complete Show for Sale!

Complete 3 stage show with curtains and curtain rods. Show is mostly restored and ready to install at your location.

Of course, there are a few things about the auction that concern me. For starters, the seller only has 50% positive feedback for the past year. In one instance it was claimed they never sent an item that was paid for.

I Never Received Merchandise- Refund bounced. No Response from Seller

In another, they backed out of purchasing a car.

Car was misrepresented in ad; had to turn off with a screwdriver & more problems

Ha, the old bait and screwdriver ignition switch, freaking classic. No, but what really worries me is this: I've got the distinct feeling this particular band was used to lure kids into some guy's basement (more pics after the jump). After all, no child can resist free pizza and a couple songs played by the Rock-afire Explosion. And, as I learned years ago, some creepy dude trying to touch your butt doesn't seem all that awkward after watching their performance.

Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures and a link to the auction.





eBay Auction

Thanks to Zach, who is pooling with his officemates to purchase the band. Can I come over on my birthday?

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