Robot Bartender Serves Beer, I Don't Tip

July 3, 2008


Mr. Asahi was made by Japanese based Asahi Breweries and serves beer before stealing your girlfriend and making out with her in the walk-in cooler. It took over 200 man-hours to build Mr. Robobeer and he's pretty much limited to opening bottles and pouring draft beer. Did I mention he talks? He talks. Now I'm torn here because for once in my life I'm strangely attracted to a robot, but I think it's only because he serves beer. I'm really stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or, okay, my roommate and the arm of the sofa. Great, now he's drooling on me.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile video of Mr. Asahi in action.

Mr. Asahi robot bartender makes its public debut [engadget]

Thanks Julian, is it time to get drunk and celebrate our robot independence yet?

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