Redneck Mansion: Too Good To Be True

July 11, 2008


I knew when I saw these pictures they were too good to be true. And sadly, they are. I had to do some interweb spelunking but, finally, got to the bottom of their origin. Touted around the net as a "redneck mansion", the structure was actually the set for a performance of Anton Chekhov's play Ivanov at an outdoor theater in Amsterdam. So yeah, shit. Still an awesome setup though, I'd totally live there. Anybody want to get together and build something similar? I'm thinking something like an Ewok village in the trees, but with double-wides. Who's with me? Also, I apologize to all of those who had their hopes up for this being a real redneck mansion. Believe me, I was right there with you. This is the second time in 24 hours I've been tricked into thinking something was something that it's not. The first being the dude still asleep in my bed.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures of the thing.



Redneck Mansion [trendhunter]

Thanks Romeo, now let's get started on building one for real. I know where we can get some trailers. Of course, they'll have to be fumigated. And, well, peoplegated.

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