PWNSOME!: Zelda Ocarinas For Sale

July 29, 2008


I know Zelda ocarinas have been available for awhile now, because I bought one at a street fair two years ago, but these ones from ThinkGeek actually look sharp and worth the $40.

Product Features

* Real playable Ocarina lets you re-create your favorite Zelda tunes
* Made from glazed earthenware
* 6 Holes, Plays notes from C4-D5
* Includes song book with instructions on playing several Zelda tunes
* Tri-Force Logo adorns the stem
* Made in the USA

I paid $40 for the one I bought and I'm pretty sure it was made out of Sculptey and had the holes punched through it with different sized pens. And it didn't help the dude was selling it right alongside Zelda themed bongs. Despite my better judgment, I also bought a Goron Bomb Bag Bong. *BOOM!* I'm crunk.

Hit the jump for a closeup and a couple videos of people playing the Song of Time (one kid is even dressed like Link) on an ocarina. If you like it just do a search on Youtube, you can pretty much find every Zelda song covered.


Product Page [thinkgeek]

Thanks to Vivienne, the Zelda to my Link, for knowing how much I love all things Hyrulian.

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