Sure, Why Not: Trees As Artists

July 30, 2008


British artist Tim Knowles ties markers and brushes to tree limbs and makes the helpless botanical bastards create art.

In collaboration with the wind and local weather conditions, calligraphic gestures and automatic drawing readings are recorded on paper. The amazing thing about Knowles' Tree Drawings is the unmistakable signatures that each drawing reveals as an indication of the unique characteristics and even genus/species of a specific tree.

Interesting. Ooooh, nice work Mr. Pine, another, um, turd. While I find the actual art of questionable merit (my maple could do so much better), I do love the photos of the trees painting. Regardless of my personal feelings, I do hope this style of art sells. Tell me I didn't just staple a Sharpie to my penis for nothing.

Hit the jump for several more pictures.




TREE DRAWINGS! Tim Knowles Arbor Interpretations [inhabitat]

Thanks Superficial Writer, but I still pissed in your thermos.

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