LEGO Mindstorms Set Solves Rubik's Cube

July 28, 2008


Tilted Twister is a robot built from a Lego Mindstorms NXT set that can solve a Rubik's cube.

Tilted Twister solves Rubik's cube fully automatically. Just place the scrambled cube on Tilted Twister's turntable. An ultrasonic sensor detects its presence and starts to read the colors of the cube faces using a light sensor. The robot turns and tilts the cube in order to read all the faces of the cube. It then calculates a solution and executes the moves by turning, tilting and twisting the cube.


* Scanning the cube: 1 minute
* Calculating a solution: 20 - 40 seconds
* Executing the moves: 1 - 5 minutes. Average 4.5 minutes (60 faceturns)
* Average total time: 6 minutes

Not bad. Granted it's not as impressive as the time I solved this cube in under an hour using only my red-hot poker, but it's not bad for a LEGO robot. That reminds me, have I ever told you about the Rubik's Cube show I saw in Tijuana? Scarring.

Hit the jump to see a video of the little guy in action.

Tilted Twisted Website

Thanks Amanda, I've never really solved one either.

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