eBay: Back To The Future II Shoe Prototype

July 18, 2008


This is a working prototype of the futuristic Nike's Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future II. This is not the shoe worn in the movie, it's the prototype from which the others were made. Oh, and it isn't a pair, it's just a single shoe.

They were originally called "Slamball Shoes," and that's what most people called them around Nike. There was supposed to have been a scene in the movie in which Marty plays Slamball, a game like 3D racquetball where the participants wear magnetic shoes which allow them to climb up the walls. That scene was never shot because the cost of building a huge room on gimbals to create the effect was too great.

The REAL name of the shoes in Marty McFly's world of 2015 was the "Nike Mag" because of their magnetic properties, and that's what is molded in the back of the heel.
The shoe is in "good" condition for what it is, but since the polyurethane midsole and fabric body of the shoe were simply spray-painted in the suggested color, some of the paint has flaked off over time. The LEDs, the electro-luminescent panel on the ankle strap, and one of the two electro-luminescent panels on the midsole still work. The other midsole panel comes on if you flex the shoe slightly.

Current bidding is at $2,550 with two days left. I'd bid on it, but I have two feet. Oh, and I try to stay clear of footwear that requires you have a battery pack strapped to your junk. That's just me though. Somebody call me when the hoverboard from the movie is for sale. And it better still hover.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures of just how poorly things age when brought back in time.





Prototype Back To The Future Shoe Up For Auction [ohgizmo]

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