Okay: Showbiz Pizza Rock-afire Explosion Band Programmed To Play Other Songs

July 9, 2008

Remember Showbiz Pizza? It was like Chuck E. Cheese's, but with some southern flair. It was the total awesome when I was six. They had a playground with slides, a ball pit, all kinds of video games, pizza, and an animatronic band called the Rock-afire Explosion. You'd settle down to eat some greasy-ass pizza and watch the show while your dad chugged pitchers of beer and stole your game tokens. Well now two of the original programmers of the show are programming the long-defunct band to play new songs. This video is of "Love in this club" by Usher, but there are two by Madonna and Shakira after the jump. You definitely didn't see these songs performed at Showbiz as a kid! You did, however, probably see a turd in the ballpit.*

*And it was mine! That pizza always ran right through me.

Hit the jump for the others.


Thanks Dan, I had almost forgotten how delicious that disgusting Shobiz pizza was.

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