New Analog Watch Models From Tokyoflash

July 17, 2008


In a departure from their typically cryptic watches, Tokyoflash has just dropped a line of easier to read analog models from Nekura. That's three of the them there, but there are five in total, so hit the jump for high-res pictures of all of them. Each sells for $85, has an engraved strap which is available with a black or clear outer, and is sure to get you laid. Trust me, I have the Twilight (the middle one) and that thing attracts the ladies like a rare earth magnet attracts a female rare earth magnet. I just strapped that baby on and BA-BOOM, mad chicks were hanging all up on me and fondling my watch. It was sensual. I mean these chicks were so close their chestfruits were like a foot and half away from my mouth (a first!). Mmmm, I could smell the intoxicating scent of their shampoos and I just wanted to eat them up like a zombie chomping on a brain. You feeling me? Because I'm feeling you. Literally. And no, this doesn't count as sexual harassment. This is totally legit.

Hit the jump for a big picture of each one.







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