More Geek Tattoos That I Would Never Get

July 9, 2008


Here at Geekologie we've seen gaming tattoos, laser-etched tattoos, a dude with a Zune tattoo, and even eyeball tattoos. And here comes another installment of geeky ink. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell, they're all here, along with a few others. Make sure to hit the jump and check out my favorite, the Game Over tattoo. Also, I'll be posting pictures of my wicked Geekologie tattoo just as soon as I get it. Still waiting for the payday loan to clear.

Hit the jump for a bunch more and the link to a couple other smaller ones.







Modern Tattoo Designs Reflect Computer and Web Consumer Choices [webupon]

Thanks Julian, if the payday loan doesn't work out you wanna do the tattoo with a needle and ink pen?

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