Mirror Tic Tac Toe Uses Only Half The Pieces

July 7, 2008


Mirror Tic Tac Toe was made by Peleg Design (not to be confused with Pegleg Design). And since it's mirrored you only use half the X's and O's (which we will now refer to as V's and rainbows)! Pretty clever. Too bad adults don't play Tic Tac Toe and children would just eat or break the pieces. Otherwise I'd make one and then start manufacturing and selling them since I couldn't find a price online from Peleg. Hrrm....Anybody interested in purchasing an iMirror Tic Tac Toe board can contact me directly. Wholesale orders welcome, but not gladly, so don't except me to kiss your ass over the phone or anything.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures.



Mirror tic tac toe makes me actually want to play the game [dvice]

Thanks Romeo, just say the word and I'll stab Tybalt for you.

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