Millenium Falcon And Master Yoda Cakes

July 16, 2008


Whee, two Millennium Falcon posts in a row! I bet all you readers out there with Millennium Falcon fetishes are Kessel Running out of your minds right now like you're on glitterstim spice thanks to all the awesomeness I so selflessly provide for you. As you can see, we've got two cakes here. On the left, a Millennium Falcon (made by Charm City Cakes), and on the right, Master Yoda (made by Mikkel Mihlrad for Star Wars Weekends). They're both made out of eggs and flour and shit (damnit, not literally) and look unbelievably amazing. Almost too good to eat. Almost, but I'd blast the hell out of those things like Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina -- into my face. NOM NOM NOM. You know, I think these cakes serve as an important reminder. A reminder that, no matter how sincere they sounded, my parents were lying whenever they told me they loved me.

Hit the jump for larger photos so you can really appreciate the amazing work that went into these caketacular masterpieces.




DIY Master Yoda Cake [craftzine]
Millennium Falcon Cake Can't Hyperspace, But is Best Birthday Cake Ever [gizmodo]

Thanks to Jessica, who better get whatever kind of cake she wants for her next birthday. Or else.

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