Limited Edition Watches At Tokyoflash

July 31, 2008


I love wearing a watch, mostly because I hate fishing around in my purse to find my cellphone. Also, they're stylish. Well now Tokyoflash has got a couple limited editions from Independent (manufactured by Citizen) and Seiko.

The Independent Retrograde Dualtime features a citizen analogue movement with hours, minutes and seconds presented in the center of the watch beneath the uniquely shaped lens. The date is also displayed in the small window at the top and a 24 hour clock is included in an originally designed L-shaped window at the bottom of the face.

That one is available in several different finishes and will set you back $250 or $280 depending on which you choose. Now the Seiko, this is the one I've got my eyes on.

This is the first watch series we have seen that uses three rotating aluminum discs to represent the time, neatly and mechanically set beneath a brushed stainless steel case.

The time is shown in the window on the left of the watch face, each of the discs indicating a different aspect of time, the outer disc showing hours, the center disc showing minutes and the inner disc showing seconds. The use of 23 jewels in the high precision movement ensure that the watch is as accurate as any in this price range.

23 jewels, that's 21 more than I've got. Seriously though, I love the look of that watch. Unfortunately, I don't have the $946 -- but I will make a trade for one.

FOR TRADE: Balls (one pair) -- light wear from kicking, never punctured or played in a real game. Used for practice only.

Hit the jump for higher res pictures of the individual watches.





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