Kinetic Ball Sculpture At The BMW Museum

July 7, 2008

Okay so I've been sitting here playing Bomberman on FireNES and pretending those sick, sick women were the enemies in the game. It wasn't working so I went outside and cut down one of my asshole neighbor's trees. Now I'm feeling a little better, but not much. I figured I'd try and post a nice soothing video to make up for that last one that undoubtedly left you permanently scarred.

This is a video of a kinetic ball sculpture in the recently reopened BMW museum in Munich. It has some elevator music playing in the background that'll either put you to sleep or make you want to kill those Star Wars murderers depending on how you feel about ultra-light jazz. Each of the sculpture's 714 metallic balls is held up by string and moves to create some pretty cool looking effects. The last fifteen seconds are the best though, when the balls come together to take the shape of a car. Way to go BMW. Now if you could just spend a little less time playing with your dangling marbles and a little more getting my driver's-side door to open, we'll be all set.

Hit the jump to see a picture of a car the sculpture sometimes makes.


The BMW Museum's kinetic sculpture takes your brain to another dimension [engadget]

Thanks Ryan and Romeo, I'm feeling a little better now. I'm still gonna make my wife watch that Star Wars video when she gets home while I clean my gun, but I do feel better.

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