IT Everywhere: An Art Project

July 22, 2008


In a similar vein as this and this, Paulthewineguy, a man who may or may not be Paul Giamatti from Sideways, has an ongoing art project entitled IT Everywhere. It's basically a bunch of video game/computer related art in the real world. Most of it is Photoshopped, but some are decals that he's stuck around town. As you can see unless you've lost your sight or are too young to remember, that's the opening scene from Ghosts 'n Goblins there. You know, the one where Arthur is lounging around in his drawls after banging the princess when that cockblocking jerk Satan shows up and steals the man's strange. Damn, should I design video games or what?

Hit the jump for several more worthwhile pics and a link to the huge gallery. Oh crap -- there's a Ghost Pirate LeChuck in there too. For those of you in the know, meet me at my tree fort at 6:00 PM, you're in the club.






IT Everywhere [flickr]

Thanks Romeo and Kjell, you're both in the club too, just for being awesome.

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