Iran Photoshops Pictures To Hide Failure

July 10, 2008


So apparently Iran Photoshopped a picture of some missiles to make it appear as if they have the capability to launch four missiles instead of three and a dud (unphotoshopped pictures after the jump). A bunch of newspapers printed the photo before new things came to light and revealed it had been shopped. Uhhh...doctoring a picture to have four missiles instead of three? What the hell's the purpose? Why not go for the gusto and have 9 missiles shooting all over the place. That's what I did (picture after the jump). See how much more intimidating that looks? BOOM -- missiles going everywhere. You could learn a thing or two from The Geekologie Writer, Iran. I have a Photoshop portfolio, you know. Including, and pretty much limited to: the missile picture I just did, and my penis with a few inches added that I use for internet personals.

Hit the jump for the original picture, the doctored one, and my own version.




In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many [thelede]

Thanks Geoff, want to join my group of 1337 photohaxors?

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