I Must Have It!: Little Knitted Link Doll

July 22, 2008


As many of you may know, I love everything Zelda. I even threatened my wife with divorce if she didn't legally change her name to Princess Zelda. That's how serious I am. Did I mention I have the triforce branded on the back of my hand? Because I'm totally going to do that now that I thought of it. Sa-weet! Anyway, this is a Link doll in knitted amigurumi form. I want him. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be for sale, but there are some other figures available at the creator's Etsy shop and a TON more pictures of Link and others on Flickr (check it out for LOTR and Star Wars figures). I pretty much want them all. Now I know what you're thinking, "Aren't you a little old to be playing with dolls?" And the answer to that, my friends, is Geekologie is written by a six-year old.

Hit the jump for a few more worthwhile pictures, including Link's awesome accessories, an Indiana Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow, Superman, and Cobra Commander.







link knit amigurumi: cuter than a bowl full of kittens [technabob]

Thanks Ray, I needed a good Link fix for the day.

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