How To Win At Claw Machines: The Little Kid Method. Also, A Picture Of My Claw Winnings

July 14, 2008

We've all heard the stories before: some kid crawls into a claw machine trying to snag a free prize. Until now we just had to read about, but here comes the video! Note to parents: no matter what your paternal instincts are telling you, a claw machine is not a suitable babysitter. Hard to believe, I know.

Hit the jump for a picture I took with my cameraphone a while ago with a bunch of my claw machine winnings laid out (I'm a real catch ladies). Seriously, those are mine, and yes, the bullwhip in front actually came out of a claw machine. It was right next to a slingshot.


How To Beat The Claw Game [break]

Thanks Josh and Julian for giving me an opportunity to post that picture and let the Geekologie reading ladies out there know just how big of a winner I really am.

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