Hitachi Releases Cartoon To Explain What A Terabyte Is To Stoners, Possibly Children

July 23, 2008

Hitachi just made a 3:00 cartoon to explain how large a terabyte is to, I guess, stoners.

As Hitachi GST embarks upon its latest educational campaign and debuts a new market vision which it encapsulates as "The Dawn of the Tera Era," the company knew the time was once again right to produce a new video animation, given how successful these have always been in the past. This amazing collision of Capacity, Content and Culture has resulted in explosive growth of the amounts and types of information people are now storing. Megabytes are long forgotten. Today, gigabytes are being replaced by terabytes, hence the Tera Era. It's happening now. This is the Tera Era.

Geez, I had no idea. It's the Tera Era already? And all along I thought it was still the Porno Period. Boy am I rosy in the cheeks. And, okay, palm.

WARNING: The song in this video can and will get stuck in your head.

Hitachi makes a cartoon to explain what a terabyte is. If you are is the time to watch it. [icantseeyou]

Thanks George Clooney, and I don't care why my girlfriend says, I think you're hot.

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