Heart Robot Has 'Feelings', Actually Heartless

July 30, 2008


The Childlike Heart Robot resembles something from a nightmare more than a child and is allegedly capable of displaying emotions. Its heart beats and can respond to movement, noise, and touch. Unfortunately, I can't even stand looking at the little herald of the robot apocalyptic. Why the hell did they make him so freaking scary? The chick though, she's alright. Reminds me of Jenny McCarthy before she shit her pants and totally disgusted me.

If he is cuddled his limbs become limp and he "relaxes". But if he is yelled at, he gets upset. He flinches, his hands clench and his breathing and heart rate speed up.

But if he's pulled limb from limb and his appendages are scattered in several different dumpsters around town, then he dies and The Geekologie Writer won't have to sleep with the lights on tonight. In mommy and daddy's bed.

UPDATE: Frightening video of the little goober of doom added after the jump.

'Human' robot is all heart

Thanks to "Great, now they can laugh maniacally when they crush our skulls in" Mark and also, "where the hell is my credit?" Gavin.

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