HD Sunglasses Suprisingly Not High Definition

July 1, 2008


If there's one thing I've learned about fashion, it's this: I look damn good in women's jeans. Wait ,what? This is a glasses post? Ha, so it is. Well, just forget I said anything about shopping in the juniors section then. Carrying on. HD -- the new buzzterm to sell whatever the hell you want. In this case, sunglasses. So what benefits can one realize from a pair of $20 HD glasses? I'll tell you.

  • HD Vision technology gives you clarity that you have never experienced.
  • Enhance your vision.
  • Just like High Definition TV.
  • Modern European Style.

Yep, just like High Definition TV, folks. Older, tech-illeterate folks are busting a hip rushing to their land line to order even as you read this. There's a commercial for the glasses after the jump, and if you order now you get a patented HD visor clip to store the glasses in your car. Holy shit, an HD visor clip! Now that better stand for HanDy visor clip, otherwise I'm suing them for false imprisonment. Ha, did I just say imprisonment? I meant for being a bunch of misleading assholes. Poor old people.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile two minute commercial.

HD Glasses: Because The Real World Isn't Clear Enough [ohgizmo]

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