Gumball Machine Dispenses Ideas, Bad Ones

July 11, 2008


This is a picture of a gumball machine Sarah Lustberg spotted in the East Village, NYC. It dispenses ideas for 50¢ a pop. Of course, they're probably bad ideas. Stuff like, "Tag the door to the right" and, "Shop in the store to the left". Still, a clever concept. Add a webcam, throw in some ideas like, "You have superhuman strength, try to stop a car", and presto: you've got your own Youtube channel.*

*That'll be 50¢. I accept Paypal.

Best Idea Ever: Gumball Machine Sells ... Ideas! [neatorama]

Thanks to Romeo, who sells ideas via 1-800-BAD-IDEA for the low, low introductory rate of $3.99 for the first idea, $2.99 each additional idea. He also does horoscopes and recipes.

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