Felt Zelda Looks Sharp, I May Have To Buy

July 31, 2008


Etsy seller wedgered2 has made a handsome Link out of felt. And seeing as how I love everything Zelda, here he is. He is available for purchase at the bargain price of $75.

Link is a needle-felted soft sculpture made of wool on wire, so he is posable, but struggles to stand unassisted (I have some tips for the buyer if they wish to display him). His Accessories are sculpted from Polymer clay and he is able to hold them in his hand or carry the shield or sword on his back.

And, get this -- this is the best part -- the tip was actually sent to me by the maker, who had this to say:

"I am sending you this link to Zelda-related project I just finished. This little project caused me hours of headache which I only started because of the amigurumi Link you wrote of last week."

ZOMG! Not only did a Geekologie post inspire somebody to make something, but it caused hours of headache! I have powers! But not invisibility, because that jogger totally just saw my package.

Hit the jump for several more pictures of him.





Purchase Page [etsy]

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