Dolphin Submarine/Boat Thing Could Be Fun

July 8, 2008


The Innerspace Dolphin and Seabreacher are water vessels designed to look and behave like actual dolphins. They're powered by a little engine in the back and you can do all sorts of fun stuff like barrel rolls, jumps, dives and drownings. I want one pretty bad. The Seabreacher just became available for sale this spring, unfortunately I couldn't find a price. Allegedly the smaller Dolphin model went for around $50,000, but I couldn't find any verification of this figure. Anybody know? Also, do you think they'll come out with a Dolphinbreacher model in the future? Because that's what I really see myself doing. Besides, I've already had sex with a porpoise. That porpoise was to get my girlfriend pregnant so she wouldn't leave me! HAH AHA HA HAH AH !! She hates puns and left me anyways.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures, a commercial of the thing in action, and a link to the website if you want to buy one.



Innerspace Website

Thanks Kelly and Dr. Venkman, you two want to go in on a whale model with me?

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