Cool: Batman's Tumbler As A Transformer, Also, Tumber Vs. F1 Race Car, WHEE!

July 17, 2008


This is what Batman's Tumbler might look like as a Transformer. I say "might look like" because I'm pretty sure the real Transformer would be more piratey. You know, with a patch and peg-leg.

Make sure to check out the high-res picture, including info, here. And since the Dark Knight is dropping tomorrow and I'm as excited as the time I found out my girlfriend wasn't pregnant after all, I threw up some pictures and a video of the Tumbler and Toyota's F1 race car going at it after the jump.

Kris Kross will make you jump jump
uh huh uh uh
jump jump.




Tumber as Autobot [jesterpictures]
Batman takes to Silverstone with Toyota F1

Thanks Phuzzygish and Drew, now throw on your capes and let's get out there and fight crime! Or, I dunno, maybe just go for a drink.

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