Cassette Skeleton Won't Fit In A Tape Deck

July 24, 2008


Brian Dettmer is a man. With a vision. A vision, possibly blurry, of a melted cassette tape skeleton. Brian reached for the stars, and while he didn't make it past tall buildings, he did manage to melt a bunch of cassettes into a skeleton. Congratulations Brian, it looks good. I'd love to have one of those propped up in the corner of my rumpus room. But I'd need for it to be animated. You know: wave his arms around, talk a little, that sort of thing. Oh, oh oh -- and have an 8-track brain and Walkman heart! Wow, how do I come up with this stuff? Haha, I don't -- it's all stolen.*

*From your mom's blog. OH SNAP!

Hit the jump for just a skull.


Skeleton made up of melted cassettes is creepily awesome [dvice]

Thanks Pat, now let's make one out of CD's!

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