Cardboard Toilet Is Obviously Questionable

July 11, 2008


The Shit Box is a cardboard toilet made specifically for outdoor use. But, if your water gets cut off because you didn't pay the bill, I can vouch it works inside as well. It costs about $31, which the company claims is "an honest price", and is obviously a bold-faced lie. I mean, it's a cardboard box that comes with "10 degradable poo bags (you worthless damn poo bags you, you'll never amount to anything!)". To its credit though, the unit doubles as a stool if you're comfortable hovering over a bag of shit with nothing between you and it but a cardboard lid. Oh, and the name has got to go. Shit box is already what you call an old, crappy car or some idiot's pie-hole. Which, in my girlfriend's case, is not just because she's always blathering some nonsense (although she is). You see, she was in this really twisted viral video...

Hit the jump for a couple more graphics explaining how the unit works in case shitting in a cardboard box is beyond you.



Product Site

Thanks to Asbo, who relieves himself outdoors the way God intended -- on a Grizzly.

  • Kristel Kate

    Why use the cardboard toilet which you have the outdoor toilets. It's kinda awkward using it than the outdoor toilet. We were using outdoor toilets pittsburgh in our town which is more convenient.

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