Capuchin Monk Plays In Heavy Metal Band. Monk NOT Monkey. The Kind That Wears A Robe And Loves God, Doesn't Throw Feces.

July 18, 2008

Cesare Bonizzi is a 62 year-old Capuchin monk who sings heavy metal. He was drawn to the music after going to a Metallica concert 15 years ago and has loved the style ever since.

His second heavy metal album, "Misteri" (Mysteries) has just been released.

In a sign of Brother Metal's eclecticism, it drew inspiration from a group of women in southern Italy who sang about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and a heavy metal version of that song is on the CD.

Other songs talk about how alcohol warms the heart but excess drinking can damage the liver, and how important sex is to man.

Ha, alcohol does warm the heart, doesn't it, Cesare? And you know what else does? Rescuing kittens. And also, fire. Seriously though, what's next, rapping nuns? No. Freaking. Way. Rapping nuns video added after the jump. And no, it's not Sister Act II.

Hold it now, hold it now, hold it now, hit it.

Heavy metal monk in second album [bbcnews]

Thanks Isabel, want to join my band? We call ourselves Screaming For Jesus, and we scream. You know, for Jesus. And, occasionally, ice cream.

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