Beer Pong Video Game Sparks Controversy

July 31, 2008


JV Games latest video game title, Beer Pong, has sparked quite a bit of controversy from outraged parents. Why? Because it's a video game about playing beer pong, and received a "T" for teen rating. It's the first in JV's Frat Party Games series (with soon to follow Elephant Walk and Olive Basketball). So you know what JV Games did to get the game out? They changed the name to Pong Toss and removed all the beer-related content. F*** this is stupid. Parents, you do know your kids are banging hookers and killing people in GTA4, right? Probably not, because it's not called GTA4: Banging Ho's and Busting Caps. Anyway, this game may sound horrible, but at least it's not Needle Toss: Riding The H Train. Which, holy shit, is brilliant. Are there Emmys for video games?

The War Against Beer Pong [yahoonews]

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