Back To The Future II Marty McFly Hyperdunks Coming Next Month, No Word On Hoverboard

July 7, 2008


In a move that makes Nike infinitely cooler in my eyes, the company had decided to release a model similar to those seen in Back to the Future II. Of course I'll never buy them, but at least they're trying. Unfortunately the Marty McFly Hyperdunks have laces and don't vacuum-fit to your feet. So the similarities basically end at looking kind of like the ones in the movie. They do sport "Flywire technology" though, which doesn't mean anything really except they're allegedly lightweight. Available late next month (July) for an undisclosed amount of future money, I'll most certainly be passing. The time machine is near completion so I'll just travel to the future and snag the real thing.

UPDATE: Just went for my first spin into the future.
Bad news: There are no cool shoes in the future, only killer robots.
Good news: I called it, pay up!

Hit the jump for the scene in the movie where Marty first puts the shoes on.

Great Scott! The 2015 McFly Sneakers Are Now (Somewhat) Real [wired]

Thanks Rocko, I couldn't be more depressed right now.

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