Ask Palpatine Contests: Star Wars Prizes

July 29, 2008


Askpalpatine, a website that encourages watchers to, well, ask a geriatric Palpatine puppet questions, is now holding a couple contests -- and one gives you the chance to win Star Wars related prizes! The first (no-prize) contest involves renaming Emperor Palpsmear.

The contest is called "What's my name?" People've been asking what Palpatine's real name is, but he's so old, he's forgotten, and he's looking for viewer's help: suggest the best new name for Palpatine, and that will become his name. No prizes, but credit and web-show fame.

That's easy -- Ol' Lightning Hands. Piece of cake. The next contest should prove more difficult though. And it involves prizes.

This one's called the "Design a Better Vader" contest. Basically, Vader's armor is getting a little long in the tooth, and could use some sprucing up. Viewers are being encouraged to submit a new design (sketch, painting, 3D model, whatever) of what a new, more bad-ass Darth Vader ought to look like. The winner gets a secret prize, and the winning design gets made into a puppet which will be featured on the show. We're still working out the specific prizes, but they will be awesome, and they will be Star Wars-related. Keep watching the skies! There will be one grand-prize winner, that's for sure. There will also be a number of runner-ups, too. Probably 3.

Hell yeah, I'm on it!

UPDATE: Finished! My sure to be winning entry is posted after the jump.


And in case that one was a little too progressive, I did an oldschool joint:


I hope I win a Death Star!

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