All Money And No Class: Burberry Maserati, Plus SPECIAL BONUS Chrome Ferrari

July 23, 2008


Not that we really needed any more proof that money doesn't buy class or my affection, I thought I'd post this so everyone can blow off some steam by ranting in the comments section about what possessed some nutass to Burberry his Maserati Quattroporte. It's fugly and they didn't even do a good job. I mean the lines don't even match up. I'm driving down to the Maserati dealership and I'm gonna punch the first rich person I see milling around the lot.

UPDATE: Haha, I KO'd a salesman. F*** them too.

Hit the jump for a couple closeups and a few of a chrome Ferrari 599, which would be blinding to drive or be behind, but I am embarrassingly kind of liking.





Hate Fodder: Even Worse Than The Chrome Ferrari 599

Thanks Chris, now I hate rich people even more. Damn you, Mr. Moneybags!

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