George Lucas Pulls A Han Solo In Carbonite

July 23, 2008


First we saw Han Solo in chocolate, then some jackass in carbonite, then a Han Solo in carbonite fridge and desk, and now, a George Lucas in carbonite display. It was made for some Star Wars convention in Japan and looks pretty accurate. I got to see it in person, and I've got to say, I had a thing or two to say to frozen George.

Me: Hey George, mind if I call you Lucas?
Me: Good, Lucas it is.
Me: Listen, I have a bone to pick about the prequels you made to Star Wars.
Me: I didn't like them.
Me: I don't care how much money you made, you gotta admit you f***ed up with that whole Jar Jar thing.
Me: I'm here to teach you a lesson. *slips member in George's frozen hand* Quick, someone take a picture!
Me: *zipping up* You've been learned, now don't let it happen again.

Hit the jump for several more. Unfortunately the one with my junk got deleted off the camera.




George Lucas In Carbonite [gizmodo]

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