ZOMG!: Epic Mario-Themed Wedding Cake

June 13, 2008


Truthfully, we've seen some pretty stunning Mario edibles in the past, but this one might very well take the cake (I'm a stupid a-hole!). At first glance I thought this was a Super Mario Galaxy themed cake, but it's actually Mario Kart (the interplanetary scene is Rainbow Road, check the other pics for a better angle). Wow, just wow. Amazing work. I would have loved to have something like this at my wedding, but I got hitched at one of those drive-thru's in Vegas. It was a McDonald's and we had a hash brown cake with ketchup icing. What can I say, I was marrying a whore.

Hit the jump for a bunch more worthwhile closeups.








The best video game wedding cake ever

Thanks Ray, you're definitely invited to my next wedding (#4)

  • melissa

    Hey- Im looking at this cake and want something similar, is there a way i an get in touch with the people who had this at their wedding? yourpetturtle@aol.com

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