World's Largest Pool: No, Not The Ocean

June 26, 2008


Although it might as well be. The San Alfonso del Mar is a 1,013 meter, 19-acre pool on the central coast of Chile. It holds 66 million gallons of filtered sea-water and even has a 115-foot deep end (making it even deeper than yesterday's pool). Although I think we can all agree this is actually less of a pool and more of a man-made lake. I have a rule: if you can boat on it, it's not a pool. But that's just me. As you can see, the pool is just a stone's throw from the beach, which begs the question, "Did you not see that massive natural pool right there before you built this thing?" Regardless, it took approximately five years and $2 billion to complete. Maintenance costs are estimated to be about $4 million a year -- and that's just to retrieve floaters!

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Try making a splash in the world's largest swimming's 1,000 yards long

Thanks Alex, Raul and Uncle Eccoli, you're all invited to my pool party this weekend. Just need to find a pool.

  • What impact does a vinyl liner have on the pool? The resilient synthetic vinyl prevents water absorption from within the pool. UV inhibitors are mixed with the vinyl. These UV inhibitors slow down the adverse effects of ultra violet sun rays. Fiberglass liners are flexible and can give many types of look like a bathtub look to the pool. Concrete pool liners are adjudged to be the sturdiest and can last for many years before any need for replacement. Another type of pool liner is an EPDM rubber liner or a Polypropylene liner. They are available in a 45-gauge thickness and can last for a very long time. For a low end priced liner, Polyethylene liners are the cheapest but don't expect it to last long.

  • On the other hand, your pool may be designed for overlap pool liners. These liners are installed by removing the pool's top rail and draping the liner's fabric over the walls. Plastic clips are then used to hold the liner in place along the top of the wall. Once that is done, the top rails are replaced. If there is excess liner hanging down on the outside of the pool walls, it can simply be trimmed off. If your above ground swimming pool is meant to accommodate an overlap liner, you should be able to see the liner hanging down on the outside of the pool if you look under the top rail.

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