Wilbur Would Be Outraged: Pig Earbuds

June 25, 2008


Pig earbuds cost $12 and makes it look like a little dachshund/pig hybrid has burrowed through your head whenever you listen to music. I guess they're probably more for chicks. Or maybe guys that need a conversation starter. What the hell, I'll try anything twice.

Chick on the bus: "Hey, are those pig earbuds?"
Me: "HUH?"
Chick on the bus: "I SAID, ARE THOSE PIG EARBUDS?"
Me: "Hell yeah, you like 'em?"
Chick on the bus: "You look like a freaking idiot."
Me: "I am one!"

Pigbuds: 'cause your ears are purty too [engadget]
I Want Pig Ear Phones From Japan [rinkya]

Thanks Ray and Laurel, they're kind of growing on me now.

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