Washer Works With A Single Cup Of Water

June 11, 2008


Well we've seen water conserving washing machines before, but in this age of waste, there can never be enough conceptual green washers. And now inventors at Leeds University claim to have invented a washer than can efficiently clean clothes using only (two girls) one cup of water and a bunch of plastic chips.

The process is based on the use of plastic granules (or chips) which are tumbled with the clothes to remove stains. A range of tests, carried out according to worldwide industry protocols to prove the technology performs to the high standards expected in the cleaning industry, show the process can remove virtually all types of everyday stains as effectively as existing processes whilst leaving clothes as fresh as normal washing. In addition, the clothes emerge from the process almost dry, reducing the need for tumble-driers. Xeros' technology uses as little as a cup of water in each wash cycle and could also bring benefits to other industrial processes such as wastewater treatment and metal degreasing.

Interesting. There is speculation as to whether the energy (and oil) involved in manufacturing the plastic chips necessary to wash clothes outweighs the water saved. So we'll see how that plays out. Regardless though, those stupid inventors have it all wrong. Screw using plastic chips, they need to build a washer that cleans with Doritos. Now that's a freaking washer.

Washing Machine Drinks Just One Cup of Water Per Wash [uk.gizmodo]

Thanks to Andrea, who washes clothes the old fashioned way, by buying new ones

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