UPDATE: Eagle Gets Bionic Beak Story

June 9, 2008


Remember the bald eagle whose beak was shot off by some asshole poacher? Well she's finally rocking a bionic replacement, albeit temporary. "The new beak is only a temporary fix, designed to nail down precise measurements." That's a real picture of it there. Beauty (the eagle) needed the fake beak in order to grasp food and not require hand-feeding.

"She's got a grill," joked Nate Calvin, the Boise engineer who spent 200 hours designing the complex beak.

HAHAHAHA! A grill! A bird with a grill, that's priceless. *wipes tear* God, you should do standup.

Seriously though Nate, my hat's off to you and everyone else volunteering their time and expertise. You've all done a great job and made me hate people a little less.

Eagle wounded by poacher gets new beak [msnbc]

Thanks for keeping me up to date Matt, now lets go find that poacher

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