Shock Absorber Sports Bras: Because You Don't Want To Be Flopping Around Like This

June 30, 2008


In the same "what would I look like wearing..." vein as last month's Knicker Pickers website, comes Shock Absorber sports bras. Of course they've gone about things a little differently. Instead of actual video of chicks walking around in their intimates, Shock Absorber has gone the CG route. You just choose a breast size A - FF/GOMG and then a level of activity from light (yoga) to extreme (running) and the website uses a CG model to show you an animation of what your boobs look like during said activity with 1. no bra 2. a regular bra and 3. a Shock Absorber bra. Needless to say I went straight for the FF's at extreme, and let me tell you what: something magical happened. The company, in an attempt to pawn off their $52 bras, says breasts can move up to 14cm (~5.5 inches) during heavy exercise (which is a world of difference from last week's 36-inch claim), but I think the true value lies somewhere between those two, preferably nearer my face.

Hit the jump for the uncensored CG pictures and a link to the website so you can try it for yourself. But a warning: they're probably NSFW unless you get paid to animate CG boobs.



Shock Absorber Bounce-ometer

Thanks to Ethan, who almost loves breasts as much as I do.

  • Jacob Wadsworth

    The shock absorber bra is amazingly tight and fit that can really protect breasts from getting in the way of heavy activity. Got to get this one for my wife since we both love to run. It will look good on her too because of the design. -

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