Shock Absorber Sports Bras: Because You Don't Want To Be Flopping Around Like This

June 30, 2008


In the same "what would I look like wearing..." vein as last month's Knicker Pickers website, comes Shock Absorber sports bras. Of course they've gone about things a little differently. Instead of actual video of chicks walking around in their intimates, Shock Absorber has gone the CG route. You just choose a breast size A - FF/GOMG and then a level of activity from light (yoga) to extreme (running) and the website uses a CG model to show you an animation of what your boobs look like during said activity with 1. no bra 2. a regular bra and 3. a Shock Absorber bra. Needless to say I went straight for the FF's at extreme, and let me tell you what: something magical happened. The company, in an attempt to pawn off their $52 bras, says breasts can move up to 14cm (~5.5 inches) during heavy exercise (which is a world of difference from last week's 36-inch claim), but I think the true value lies somewhere between those two, preferably nearer my face.

Hit the jump for the uncensored CG pictures and a link to the website so you can try it for yourself. But a warning: they're probably NSFW unless you get paid to animate CG boobs.



Shock Absorber Bounce-ometer

Thanks to Ethan, who almost loves breasts as much as I do.

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