Send Me Free Ones: Nintendo Wall Decals

June 18, 2008


These are wicked Nintendo wall graphics made by a company called Blik. They're licensed and everything, so rest assured that Nintendo will get their piece of that ass should you decide to buy some. As seen in the photos, they come in Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and New Super Mario Bros. themes, and are all completely awesome (and a good size). Unfortunately, each 24-42 sticker set costs $75 and it takes multiple sets to make a really cool scene. Hit the jump for more ideas of what you can do and what appears to be a highly inappropriate silhouette of two schoolgirls making out. You know, for size comparison.

I'm serious, hit the jump.





Blik Product Page

Thanks to tipster "An improvement may be to drill a hole in the wall, stuff it with things and have sex with Mario!" Bimbol

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