Robotic Dog Better Than The Real Thing For Combating Loneliness In Old Folks

June 12, 2008

Researchers at St. Louis University are using Aibo, a discontinued (maulings) robot dog from Sony to study how a robotic pet can alleviate loneliness in old folks. According to their study, a dog made out of metal and plastic is just as good as a real puppy. And possible even better since they could be fitted with sensors and shit to take a patient's pulse, blood pressure, savings account, etc. The video is a must watch, as the old people are the cutest bunch of nuts I've ever seen. I'm still skeptical about the whole robotic dog thing though. I mean, some crazy old bat brings a Big Dog home, and the next thing you know, dead old people everywhere. And then who would AOL sell their internet services to?

Robot Dog Therapy [sciencentral]

Thanks to Shawn, who knows how much I love old people and hate robots

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