How Not To Spend $150K: An Italian-Themed Home Theater In Some Dude's Basement

June 17, 2008


I'm as big a fan of themed home theater setups as the next guy who watches movies on a hand-me-down 24" CRT that rests atop a magazine pile entertainment stand. And we've certainly seen a good many bunch of a whole lot of different ones here on Geekologie. Hell, even some that didn't even have a theme, but were just plain ridiculous. However this Italian village themed home theater isn't doing it for me. Like I really want to watch movies right next to the Gastronomiche (which, based on the picture, sells home theater components alongside plastic meat and cheese).

While I'm not really digging the theater, hit the jump for the "Bourbon Street Room" he has in the basement as well. I admittedly wouldn't mind seeing some boobs in there. The whole house is over 15,000 square feet and the damn ceiling in his basement looks like it's 20 feet tall (and I thought my crawlspace has never felt more inadequate). Oh yeah, and there's another disturbing picture of what appears to be the world's gaudiest sex-room I've ever seen in my life. God this dude is making me so sick I could spit. Here I am, stuck watching a television manufactured before I was born while this dude gallivants around blowing $150,000 on a shitty home theater system. That's it, I'm selling a kidney. *sharpening letter opener* "Oooh Superficial Writer..."





Money Can't Buy Taste: The Tackiest $150,000 Home Theater You'll Ever See [gizmodo]

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