HP's New Monitor Rocks Out With Its Color Out, Can Produce Over A Billion Of Them

June 11, 2008


The HP DreamColor LP2480xz is a 24-inch LED backlit monitor that can display over a billion colors (~64x what a typical LCD monitor can do). Unfortunately they cost $3,499. But if you're an artist or someone who really values accurate color display, maybe it's the monitor for you. And speaking of art, I bet this thing can display the hell out of some porno. Am I right? Hells yeah. *high fives* This old CRT can't replicate a natural nipple hue to save it's tube. Nipples aside though, vagina. Bet it looks good on that thing.

Hit the jump for another questionable comparison vs. regular LCD and a couple other product shots.




HP DreamColor LP2480xz bedazzles with a billion colors, artists rejoice [dvice]

Thanks Charlie and Dr. Venkman, who would have thought that a billion colors even existed? Not me, I'm tone deaf.

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