More Custom Footwear For You To Love/Hate

June 5, 2008


Well folks, it's been awhile since I've showered or posted any custom shoes, so I guess now is as good a time as any to release the hounds with another set of custom footwear. The Optimus Prime ones there are admittedly awesome as hell and I'd totally give my left nut (well, only nut) to have them. Unfortunately they're selling for about $600 and the doctor just called and told me my ball, at auction, would only fetch around $16-$18. Hit the jump for a ton more (GTA, Pac-Man, Care Bears, Batman, Simpsons, Marvel Comics, Mario, another Transformers) that all go for around $160. I'm not sure how they made the Optimus pair, but everything on the next page was made by someone sewing patches of printed fabric into the shoe's recesses. If you're interested I included links to the customizer's eBay store and online store. If you're not interested you can do what I do and just walk on the skulls of your fallen enemies. Skull-shoes baby, I'm bringin' em back!









Steupurgameup eBay Store

Online Store

Thanks to Dougie for reminding me that I hadn't fueled the custom shoe-hating fire recently

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