Interactive Pong Table Reminds Me Of Air Hockey Minus The Air, Puck, And Paddles

June 5, 2008


This interactive Pong Table was constructed by German designer Moritz Waldemeyer for MOMA's recent Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit. The table uses 2,400 LEDs, two track pads, and the souls of old Atari execs to immerse players in an updated, and much more interactive Pong experience. Still reminds me of air hockey though. And speaking of which, I lost a tournament at the bar last weekend and had to eat the puck. It wasn't super, but it was better than the urinal cake.

Pong Updated for the 21st Century [thebbps]

Thanks to Tom for guiding us geeks to the greatness. But seriously, the pink ones are alright if you're starving, but steer clear of the blue ones, they're straight ass.

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