Play 1,000's Of Nintendo Games In Firefox

June 18, 2008


Well with the drop of Firefox 3 yesterday I've been getting all kinds of tips about the program. And this is one of the awesomest: FireNes. It's a Firefox widget that allows you to play 1,000's of NES and other oldschool games at work through Firefox. It takes just a few seconds to download, then you just click on Tools, FireNes in your Firefox browser. All the games appear in a sidebar and you're good to go. That's a shot of me Blaster Mastering it up just a few minutes ago. Seriously, TPS reports or classic gaming? Exactly. Whoa, did you just see that? What was it? HA! -- it was productivity. It just took a flying freaking leap out the window.

FireNes Download (translated from Spanish)
play any nes game for free in firefox with firenes [technabob]

Thanks Beezy, I hope you're rockin' it out just like the good ol' days

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