Phone Charger Powered By Dance, Ecstasy

June 24, 2008


The Dance Charge is a prototype phone charger that powers your phone by harnessing the kinetic energy of your dance moves. You just strap the thing to your arm, drop some ecstasy, and then let your eyes roll up in the back of your head while you flail around like an epileptic.

The device - which weighs 180grams and measures about the same size as a pack of cards - will be strapped to peoples arms and tested at Glastonbury Festival this week.

As the dancers moves their arms along to the music - a specially designed system of weights and magnets creates an electrical current which provides a top-up charge to a connected mobile phone.

The charger was developed by Orange UK and 'GotWind', a renewable energy company, and is being tested at the Glastonbury festival this week. But the device isn't just limited to harnessing dance energy. It also works if you swing your arms while you run or masturbate like a crazy person.

Dance powered phone charger for Glastonbury Festival [newslite]

Thanks to Charles and Damn Luddites, now lets go to a rave and make out with some chicks in the moonbounce

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